Construction Observation & Material Testing


Construction observation and material testing are performed by engineers and experienced soil technicians to verify that our recommendations are properly interpreted and implemented during construction. In addition to monitoring the progress and quality during construction, our involvement reduces construction delays in the event subsurface conditions differ from those anticipated. Our construction services include:

  • Monitoring probing and grouting operations of bedrock
  • Monitoring installation/construction of conventional piles, micropiles, drilled shafts, and drilled piers, and performing wave equation analyses for driven piles
  • Monitoring compressive and tensile pile load tests
  • Cross-hole sonic logging (CSL) testing of drilled shafts
  • Monitoring installation and testing of soil nails and soil anchors
  • Monitoring construction of mechanically stabilized earth walls
  • Observing footing excavations and subgrade preparation for slabs-on-grade, sidewalks, and pavements
  • Reviewing and/or performing laboratory testing on fill material
  • Testing of soils, asphalt, and concrete by Department of Transportation (DOT) certified personnel
  • Observing fill placement and/or performing compaction testing by Sand Cone Method or Nuclear Gauge